A web-based system, Peoplevox raw materials management software captures every raw material delivery via a bar code scan at goods-in.

The system then tracks the location and use of the material throughout your process.

Intercontinental Brands

It can accept different units of measurement for solids, powders or liquids. It can integrate with existing warehouse management software, works orders or enterprise resource planning (ERP) to give you total control and 24/7 compliance with any regulatory or traceability requirements.

What are the benefits of Peoplevox raw materials management software?

    • PeopleVox is a web-based system that can be implemented remotely in a matter of days, anywhere in the world.
    • Fully scalable solution for anything from a single process to multiple factories with numerous production lines or processes.
    • Automated check-in speeds up the process and reduces administration.
    • Prompted location for storage and production minimises lost materials or mis-used ingredients.
    • Real-time data on stock levels on every ingredient or component will enable you to improve inventory efficiency, reduce waste and ensure you never run out of key ingredients.
    • Full batch traceability provides instant identification of sub-standard batches, products, poor suppliers, problem processes, poorly maintained manufacturing lines or poorly performing manufacturing units.

We can implement our raw materials management software solution in isolation or as part of a wider warehouse management system.

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