Many companies understand the benefits of a Warehouse Management System, and what potential it has to improve their business. What's not so easy to understand is the ROI you can expect from implementing one - go straight to the form.

By filling out the ROI Calculator form below, you will receive a full breakdown of exactly what improvements you can make on efficiency and what difference it will make to the bottom line of your business.

The form takes around 5 - 6 minutes to complete and in return, we will send you a comprehensive breakdown of the savings a WMS could offer you, including:

  • Total annual savings
  • Shipment error savings
  • Breakdown of savings across goods receipt, picking and administration
  • Productivity gains across core warehouse functions

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the savings you could make.

Once you have completed the form, one of our Fulfilment Specialists will calculate your ROI breakdown and send it to you via email.


Information you will need

So we can calculate your ROI, we need a few pieces of information. You might want to make sure you have them to hand before you complete the form:

  • How many warehouse, admin and customer services staff you have and their hourly pay - as well as how that changes during peak.
  • The percentage of time your warehouse staff spend on receiving goods, putting them away, picking, packing and shipping.
  • How many orders you receive per day on average, and how many lines and units they include
  • The number of deliveries you receive per day and how many lines and units they contain
  • How often you count inventory and how long it takes.

Of course, if you'd prefer to talk to one of our consultants about ROI you can contact us instead.