With experts who previously worked for the leading rugged handheld computer manufacturer, we know this warehouse management technology inside out. We have direct training from our suppliers nearly every month, have full test environments in the office with an abundance of test equipment.

This in depth knowledge of the exact product configuration helps us know exactly what is required to meet your needs. This includes areas such as volume of scans per day, harshness of the environment, battery life, scanning distance and screen size for the data the user needs to see.

What you can expect from a rugged handheld computer:

  • Sometimes referred to as mobile computers or barcode guns, we select a device that is tough enough to survive in your operation – drops to concrete from forklift trucks to being rained on in the yard are all taken into account.
  • They are designed to last 5 years with continuous use, scanning barcodes whilst connected via wireless.
  • Compact for mobile use, the colour screen sizes are selected to be large enough to display the information for warehousing operations such as order picking and stocktake.
  • Configured out of the box with the software and wireless connection, so there is no need to have a technical person on site to make the warehouse system work.
  • Repaired in 3 days when under a simple service contract with 5 year fixed price, making it 100% predictable on costs over the period.
  • We can install software to control the rugged handheld computer units from our office to offer training and support.

Peoplevox provides the most suitable rugged handheld computer to lease or to buy beating internet pricing and offering full inventory system support. See us performing a drop test here from the first floor of our offices to the car park – will it survive?

To get the best advice and price on a range on rugged handheld computer devices, email us or call to discuss your requirements: +44 (0) 1923 299620