Combining Shopify's eCommerce platform and Peoplevox's warehouse management system gives you an end-to-end software-as-a-service solution. This is a popular combination for brands and retailers who want to scale quickly without taking on the IT headache.

Issues of not having a WMS

Shopify offers an excellent early stage platform for making sales online. However, you will face some issues with fulfilment that the Shopify system cannot solve, such as:

  • A reliance on printed information
  • Inability to understand performance of your warehouse team and their activity
  • Understanding which products are allocated for orders and which are available for sale
  • Shipping errors and delayed orders
  • Overselling products

Scaling your business with a WMS

Scaling your eCommerce business requires the maintenance of a near-perfect balance between growing your sales volume and delighting your customers.

Taking the guess-work out of Shopify inventory levels and picking orders has helped many businesses build a more efficient fulfilment process. We help companies using Shopify by:

  • Assigning unique barcodes to every product - 99.99% picking accuracy
  • Offering a 'goods in' process that gets products available for sale within the hour
  • Making the most of warehouse space by implementing dynamic locations
  • Automating dynamic picking routes to get your pickers through the warehouse faster
  • Enabling live inventory - reduce overselling and increase customer satisfaction
  • Reducing administrative overheads and never having to print anything again
  • Integrating shipping information for automated passing of customer details to carriers
  • Enabling live status updates for customers - reduce customer service calls

Implement your Shopify WMS with no downtime

One of the best things about our integration is that it can be implemented quickly and easily, with zero downtime.

  • Requires no development or installation on the Shopify back-end, just API access
  • Zero interruption to your Shopify developer team's workload
  • Easily configured to different market needs

Find out more

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