With pay-monthly options and no requirement to purchase the software, PeopleVox presents a low cost entry for a sophisticated system that could save you money from week one.

Typical savings delivered by PeopleVox stock control solutions

Our stock control solution will help you to make savings across your entire warehousing storage and despatch operation including:

Increased inventory control – know exactly what stock is where:

  • Eliminate stock counting to check inventory accuracy
  • Minimise pilfering, optimise stock levels

Reduce the cost of customer order fulfilment:

  • Replacing paper picking with faster, more accurate barcode scanning
  • Remove the need for routine quality checks
  • Reduce order fulfilment administration
  • Eliminate mis-shipment

Decrease resources needed for stocktakes:

  • Reduce physical stocktake time
  • Reduce stocktake administration and reconciliation

Simplify delivery checking in and put-away:

  • Eliminate manual data entry process
  • Eliminate mis-placement and speed up the overall process

Automate processing of customer returns and exchanges:

  • Instantly cross reference with a barcode scan
  • Reduce warehouse supervisor intervention
  • Remove manual data entry and improve the customer experience

As well as improving efficiency, PeopleVox real-time reports will enable you to improve your stock profiles, reduce waste and optimise your overall warehouse layout to achieve even greater advantages.

Our web-based technology can be implemented remotely in a matter of days, giving you real control over your stock, 24/7/365. To discuss how a PeopleVox stock control solution could transform your internet retail business, email us your details or call us: +44 (0) 844 800 6569.

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