Stocktake software.

Reduce stock take costs by 70%.

PeopleVox stocktake software will help you to radically reduce the time you spend stocktaking, will improve accuracy and cut out stock drift and wastage.

A web-based system, our stocktake software uses barcode technology to enable you to reconcile inventory on the ground with your ‘in stock’ quantities on your system in moments.

Used in conjunction with our stock control software for internet users or stock management software for manufacturers, it can form part of an intelligent solution across your entire storage and distribution operation.


How does PeopleVox stocktake software work?

    • We will integrate our stocktake software with your goods-in and customer order system to provide real-time data about what stock you should have available and where.
    • Barcode readers are used to investigate actual stock quantities, with fast scanning replacing arduous counting or paper systems.
    • Actual quantities are instantly reconciled with system totals via a WiFi link.
    • Variance reports are available instantly on handheld readers as well as in formal reports when required.
    • The system can be set up to operate at a pallet, box or single item level to suit your business and can handle discrete or process items.
    • RFID (radio frequency identification) tags can provide the potential to sweep areas in minutes for a high-level stocktake overview.
    • The system will act as a deterrent to casual pilfering and organised theft.
    • Every item and every location is barcoded. We can design and implement barcode label software if you don’t have it.
    • We can also provide all of the hardware you may need.

PeopleVox can help you to adopt industry best practice procedures, reducing stocktake time by 70% and radically improving accuracy.

To find out how our stocktake software could help you to improve efficiency, accuracy and control, email our team, or call us now: +44 1923 606 660