The key to a great warehouse operation for any retailer is getting goods-in quickly and accurately, ensuring they can be sold as soon as possible.

Receive & reconcile

Upon arrival of a delivery, you need to get your goods into the warehouse and see what has been delivered compared to what you ordered quickly and accurately.

With Peoplevox multiple operators can unload, receive and reconcile a single delivery.

Operators can choose to receive in different ways. Choose to receive by Purchase Order (PO) if you have a PO number, and then scan the items into the warehouse and have Peoplevox compare what was received against what was ordered. Decide when you reconcile. 

If you don’t have the PO to hand, no problem, receive the delivery by item instead.

If you need to get goods into the warehouse fast, without scanning each item, choose to receive the delivery without scanning.

You can track PO fulfilment using the reporting features within Peoplevox.



Customers don’t always decide to keep all the items they have ordered. Get these items back into your warehouse, ready to re-sell as quickly as possible, using our returns feature.

Record what was returned from which sales order, decide if the item is suitable for sale or not and choose return reasons and states from a customisable list.