A web-based system, PeopleVox traceability software is a fantastic tool for helping companies meet compliance requirements and drive efficiencies in manufacturing, delivery, returns or product recalls.

The system will integrate with all manufacturing, website CMS (content management system) or management software. Used as part of our stock control software for internet retailers or our stock management software for manufacturers, it can provide a powerful solution to meet all of your inventory management needs.

Traceability software

What are the advantages of PeopleVox traceability software?

    • Our web-based traceability software provides effortless automated traceability for items, individual component parts or raw materials.
    • It enables you to meet compliance standards and generate compliance reports quickly and simply.
    • The software will enable you to identify faulty batches, write-offs, poorly performing suppliers or inconsistent quality.
    • It can help you to identify poor storage conditions, to compare production or storage at multiple facilities and to analyse efficiencies across your organisation.
    • Our traceability software can also provide a track and trace capability for distribution and delivery services.
    • The system can be expanded to include raw materials management software, inventory control software or more comprehensive bespoke stock control systems as and when required.
    • Our traceability software can be accessed from any standard computer, anywhere in the world.

PeopleVox traceability software can be deployed on a purchased or pay-monthly software license model, making it a highly cost-efficient solution. The web-based model makes installation fast and simple.

To find out how our traceability software could help your business to meet compliance standards and improve your operations, email our team, or call us now: +44 (0) 844 800 6569.