Whether you need a complete warehouse management software solution, or specific inventory management software, our warehouse consultancy team can help to introduce best practice learned from PeopleVox installations all over the world.

Warehouse consultancy services - what's involved?

  • We’ll typically start with a site visit, assessing your physical environment, seeing how you currently handle stock, assets or raw materials, and building an understanding of the challenges you face.
  • We’ll look at your data, how you collect and distribute information and we’ll analyse which information is critical to which areas of your operation.
  • We’ll carry out a wireless survey to see how we can automate the flow of data using secure WiFi.
  • We’ll consider integration points and which legacy systems any new software will need to interact with.
  • We’ll look at your picking methodology and consider whether a different approach could save, time, money and resources.
  • We’ll look at existing barcode labelling (if you have it) to see if it gives you the level of detail you need.

The outcome of our warehouse consultancy is a pre-deployment plan detailing objectives, defining scope, and providing a fully costed implementation schedule to real deadlines. If you decide to move forward, the plan is uploaded to our online management system, so you can track the progress of your project.

If you know your business is suffering from creaking warehouse systems, unbearable bottlenecks or poor visibility and control, ask our experienced warehouse consultancy team to help. Email us or call: +44 (0) 1923 299620