What is the app for?

The Unpack Delivery app is designed to help you capture and record receipt of goods by item thus enabling you to reconcile items received against an order, and share the details via email. It can be used on its own, or you can use the Receive Delivery app to get the goods into the warehouse, then use the Unpack Delivery app to unpack the boxes and process the items.

If you currently manage your goods in process using goods inward books, google sheets, excel, trello, slack or similar it could really speed things up for you and reduce your paper trail.

How will it help me?

By facilitating a fast, consistent and repeatable goods in process. For example, the app could be used like this:

  • When a delivery arrives, use the app to create a new Goods Receipt Note (GRN) entry (if using the Receive Delivery app first, use the same GRN here)
  • Inspect each item as you unload it
  • If the item is damaged, set it to one side
  • If the item is good, use the app to scan its barcode and record the quantity 
  •  When you have unloaded all items, email the GRN to your back office using the share feature on the app
  • Next, use the app to create a new GRN (you could use the same GRN number and add a suffix to denote 'damaged' for example), scan each damaged item, and email this 'damaged items' GRN to your back office

Your back office staff now have a complete record of the delivery, separated into good and bad items, with emails they can forward to suppliers to confirm the delivery and query damages and discrepancies. What's more, if you use the camera facility to photograph paperwork and items as you receive them, these images will be included on the emails, providing evidence of exactly what was received and what state it was in!

What do I need to do to set it up?

The first time you use the app you’ll be prompted to ‘type your email address’. Simply enter your email address then tap the green ‘SIGN IN’ button at the bottom of the screen.

The app contains a barcode scanner, which supports a number of different barcode formats.  The first time you use the app, all supported barcode formats will be turned on, and the ISBN format will be set to ISBN 10. Tap on the settings icon if you wish to turn off any of the formats or change the ISBN format. You may change these settings at any time by tapping the settings icon.

You are now ready to use the app!


How do I use it?

The first screen you see after signing on will be the list of Goods Receipt Notes (GRNs) which you have recorded (shown on the left). If you have recorded Purchase Order (PO) numbers on a GRN, they will show up directly below the GRN number. If you have recorded a Supplier Delivery Note number this will show up above the date the GRN was added.

This list will obviously be empty the first time the app is used for an email address.

Tap on the blue + button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to add a new GRN, or tap on an existing GRN entry to edit it.

Adding a new GRN

When you choose to add a new GRN you will be shown the screen on the right. Tap on the flash icon if you want the app to create a unique GRN for you, or enter your own by typing it or by tapping on the barcode icon and scanning the GRN barcode. GRN is the only mandatory field.

If you wish to record the Purchase Orders (POs) against which you are receiving the goods, you can add a PO number by typing it then tapping the green tick to confirm, or by tapping on the barcode icon and scanning the PO barcode. You may add multiple PO numbers to the same GRN if you are receiving multiple POs at the same time.

If you wish to record the Supplier Delivery Note number, you can enter this by typing it then tapping the green tick to confirm, or by tapping on the barcode icon and scanning the Delivery Note barcode. 

Add an item code by typing it then tapping the green tick to confirm, or by tapping on the barcode icon and scanning the item barcode. Use the + and - buttons to choose the correct quantity for each item.
Multiple items can be recorded against a single GRN.

Tap the green 'SAVE' button when you’re done. This will save the GRN data and return you to the GRN list.


Editing an existing SO

Tapping on an existing GRN on the GRN list will open the GRN detail screen (shown left). Fields can be edited as described above.

Taking images
Tap the camera icon to take an image. Multiple images can be stored on each GRN, allowing you the flexibility to photograph  the delivery note and state of the goods as needed.

Sharing Goods In data

The app lets you share the GRN returns data you have recorded, via email. From the GRN list screen, tap on the share icon against the GRN you wish to share, and choose email. This will open an email formatted with the data from your GRN, ready for you to edit if desired then send to the recipient of your choice. 


Delete items or images from GRN entries by tapping the red dustbin icon to the left of the PO, item or image to be deleted. Delete GRN numbers and Supplier Delivery Note numbers by tapping in the field and using the backspace. Delete the whole GRN entry by clicking the blue 'DELETE' button at the bottom of the GRN screen.

Logging out

Tap the exit icon in the top right of the screen to log out. This will return you to the sign in screen. Tap the back button to exit the application.

Multiple people may use the app on the same device. If each person uses a different email address to sign in, each person’s GRN list will contain the GRNs that they processed only; i.e. person 1 will be able to see all the GRNs they processed but not the GRNs person 2 processed, and person 2 will not be able to see the GRNs person 1 processed.

If multiple people use the app, we recommend you log out before exiting.

If you are the only user on the device, if you tap the back button on the GRN list screen and say yes when asked ‘Are you sure you want to exit the application?’, you will exit the application whilst remaining logged in, so the next time you tap the app icon it will take you straight back to the GRN list screen. 

How do I find a GRN that I’ve already entered?

The GRN list screen shows the GRNs in descending date/time added order.

You can perform a search on this screen by entering at least 2 characters from the GRN, PO number or Supplier Delivery Note number into the search field at the top. 

Tips on scanning barcodes

Firstly, ensure the smartphone camera lens is clean and not obstructed.

Place the barcode within the boundaries of the red box displayed on the screen. If the camera has an auto-focus feature, the camera will automatically focus on the barcode.

The camera may incorrectly read the barcode if it is hit by a reflection of light, if it is mis-shaped or if it is scanning through a material such as polythene. In this instance move the camera away from, or at an angle to, the light source. If it's scanning through a material stretch it out or unwrap the barcode, and if the barcode is mis-shaped flatten it to make scanning easier.

Once scanning, the camera will automatically return the barcode value to the app as soon as possible. If the camera is unable to read the barcode within 5 seconds, move the camera nearer or further away from the barcode. Alternatively, you may need to move to better light or turn on the camera flashlight.

The camera can read barcodes which are damaged or marked as long as there is a complete horizontal strip of the barcode which remains undamaged.

The camera will return the barcode value to the app when it finds a barcode in a format that is turned on in the app settings (shown on the right).

When the camera returns the barcode value to the app, check the value matches the printed human readable part of the barcode. Comparing the last two characters of the barcode is sufficient to match to the value for most barcode types.