When it comes to a Warehouse Management System (WMS), there are a number of essential elements needed for it to do its job.

Warehouses, locations & products

Managing locations allows you a lot of flexibility in hrow you store and pick goods from your warehouse. You may want to adopt random storage, or perhaps set up a mezzanine?

With Peoplevox you can decide how you want your warehouse to look and then map it in the system using unique IDs and barcodes to label all locations. You can then choose to group logically or physically related locations such as secure areas or aisles and floors, specify if locations are for bulk storage, and assign a sequence number to each location to show where it fits in the logical warehouse map. Functionality such as 'action creation' will then use these location sequence numbers to ensure that locations in a pick action are visited in a logical sequence to reduce travel.

It is also possible to set up and maintain quarantine locations, where you can exclude specific items from picking - particularly useful for items that are damaged or need inspection.

If you have multiple warehouses, the system enables you to map each one individually and run it independently whilst still maintaining an overall view of the whole business and its inventory. You can also choose to report on each warehouse individually or across your business as a whole.

Store your inventory in a way that suits you. Depending on the size and popularity of a product, you may choose to store it in one or multiple locations, at the front of your warehouse or the back, or even house a number of different products in the same location.

When it comes to product information, define as much or as little as you need.

Peoplevox maintains accurate up-to-date inventory data which can be viewed online, reported on, or used to feed external systems; giving you confidence that your actual stock levels match those you display on your website and you don’t accidentally oversell.

Orders & despatch

At Peoplevox we understand that the size, composition and urgency of an order affects how it should be handled. You can import your orders as soon as they are placed, and then decide how and when you want to pick and despatch them. 

Using filters, you can select orders meeting specific criteria then create actions to pick them together in batches or one at a time.

And because Peoplevox keeps track of what is needed to fulfil current orders compared with what is in the pick face, you can see in advance when you may need to bring stock forward from bulk to pick.

Orders that have been picked in batches will need rebuilding at the pack bench ready for despatch, and large orders picked individually may need to be rearranged to optimise container space. Peoplevox provides a choice of despatch methods and guides your pack-bench operators to despatch the right products for the right customers, in appropriate packaging via the most suitable delivery method.

Of course, the stock you sell needs to be ordered from your suppliers, and you’ll want to know how much of what you ordered got delivered on the right day. Choose to import purchase orders from external systems or enter / edit them directly, and Peoplevox will compare what is received with what was on the orders and alert you to any discrepancies. You can store supplier information such as addresses and payment terms too, which can be used in reporting to help you analyse supplier performance.

API & integrations

While we have a number of off-the-shelf integrations that can be used to connect Peoplevox with external systems such as Magento and NetSuite , the Peoplevox API allows you the freedom to write your own integrations with external systems. Additionally, OpenDespatch allows you to control how external carriers can interface with Peoplevox to receive information about despatch packages, and to send back carrier and shipping information and print requests for documents to be printed on local printers.

Working offline & printing

A WMS needs to cover a lot of ground, and you don’t want to be tied to a desktop app. Move freely around the warehouse using your Android device to carry out operations, safe in the knowledge that you can continue to work even if you encounter local network issues or enter a wi-fi blackspot in the warehouse. Print to the local printer most convenient to you using cloud printing.

Updates & data

We are continuously evolving our WMS to offer more and more features and to support your business as you, too, grow. Regular system updates ensure that you benefit from these new features and bug fixes, and the data you build up within Peoplevox lets you compare your business year-on-year and understand what makes you successful.