Warehouse management software designed with and built
for eCommerce and omni-channel retailers

If it occurs within the 4 walls of your warehouse, we can take care of it.
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Peoplevox’s warehouse management software includes a mobile app for your warehouse team.

  • Provides 100% inventory and order accuracy
  • Eliminates paper down to the bare essentials
  • Complete traceability on what is where in your warehouse





Peoplevox can be deployed in as little as 12 weeks depending on the size of the business.

  • Speedy deployment
  • Live to-the-second integrations so you never oversell
  • Hosted on a secure web browser


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Connect Peoplevox to your website, accounting software or ‘ERP’ using our open API or pre-built connectors.

  • Open API with comprehensive documentation
  • Ready made plugins to the leading eCommerce platforms
  • Push notifications for real-time updates




Simple to setup, use and train your team to use.

  • Intuitive user interface that requires 30 minutes of training to teach the full functionality of the software
  • Setup and configure your own system to your needs
  • Create and manage your warehouse sites and locations




Designed to provide you with efficient processes that make
fulfilment straightforward.

  • Optimised picking methods that save travel time
  • Order planning to meet your carrier deadlines
  • Scalable infrastructure to support you as your sales grow







We have a dedicated team of eCommerce and retail warehouse management experts.

  • Best practices to optimise the accuracy and speed of your entire fulfilment process
  • Warehouse layout, storage and materials handling advice
  • We guarantee that your customers will feel the benefit too
“The only warehouse management software dedicated to eCommerce”
Justin Stone, Founder – Surfdome.com
To learn more about Peoplevox, download our overview here.

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