The warehouse management software and system that is built for your eCommerce fulfilment.

  • Go mobile: Eliminate paper
  • Real-time: Live inventory levels you can trust
  • Scale: Grow your sales not your workforce




Know exactly what stock you have and where to find it

Stop wasting time searching the warehouse for inventory or orders. Peoplevox’s warehouse management system puts accurate inventory data at your fingertips.

  • Live stock: No delay between what happens and what you see.
  • Find: Scan any item to know its exact quantity by location.
  • Visibility: Know exactly where inventory, orders and returns are in seconds.






Receive new deliveries up to 5x more quickly

Peoplevox’s warehouse management system helps you to receive goods in without writing things down and manually entering data.

  • Instant: Live inventory updates can be pushed as soon as new deliveries are scanned in.
  • Label: Print and apply barcode labels for products that don’t have them.
  • Reconcile: Check against purchase order(s) by adding them to a goods receipt and scanning items against them.






Stock take up to 70% faster

No one looks forward to an end of year stocktake, or any stock take for that matter. In eCommerce the traditional shut-down and count over Christmas and New Year isn’t impractical…it is impossible! What you need is accurate inventory all year round anyway to please your customers not just your accountant.

Peoplevox’s stocktake software helps you to count more quickly by barcode scanning, whilst generating a variance report for management to have final approval on.

Using barcodes throughout your operation for stock movements and transactions will mean that inventory is more accurate than keeping tracking on paper and pen.

Random quality checks on warehouse locations make good sense and don’t interrupt your fulfilment.

  • Streamline: Eliminate all admin and data entry from your stocktake procedures.
  • Accept / Reject: Variance reporting by location for your warehouse management team to review.
  • Investigate: View entire audit trails for an individual product to understand how stock inaccuracies have occurred and prevent them next time.







Put inventory away in the gaps

You can forget about needing to rely on luck or a good memory to find where items need to be put away to. Peoplevox’s warehouse management system includes a mobile put away that will guide you on the best route and to ideal put away locations.

Many manual warehouse management processes suit storing a product in a fixed location so people can learn where to pick it from and put it away to. This ‘retail store’ mentality is old-hat and you will get so much more from your existing warehouse space by throwing the old logic in the bin.


  • Efficient: Put products in gaps to optimise space and keep goods flowing into your warehouse.
  • Organise: Keep same SKUs together where it suits you. You can identify the appropriate storage area for each item as your receive it and this will point your put away team in the right direction. For example, shoes for the shoe storage boxes and hanging garments for the hanging rails.
  • Direct to despatch: Pick back orders from goods in to avoid double-handling them.

Order picking software

Peoplevox’s barcode picking means you can pick more orders, more accurately with less people.

  • 100% accuracy: Target perfection with a barcode scan
  • A to B: Exact stock locations given in the fastest route
  • Multiple methods: Pick in a style to suit your business






Integrate website orders with your carrier software

Peoplevox’s warehouse management system connects your website to your carrier software and you can use your business rules to automate which service type is suggested.

  • Print: Carrier labels and invoices
  • Carrier suggestions: Configure to your business rules
  • Confirm despatch: Update systems with tracking information






Keep your customer services up to speed with returns

Peoplevox’s warehouse returns software speeds up processing goods back into stock and getting customer services the information to provide a refund.

  • Cross-reference: Barcode scan against sales orders
  • Return reasons: Record and report on reasons for returns
  • Back into stock: Process immediately or quarantine






Integrated to your existing applications

Peoplevox’s ready to deploy integrations help you to get up and running with a warehouse management system in days, not weeks.

  • Pre-built: eCommerce, accounting, and carrier software

  • Open API: Supported warehouse management service

  • Instant: Configurable CSV import tool






All of the above, plus responsive service & support

  • Warehouse specialists

Our warehouse management system experts have helped over 1,000 warehouses between them. We’ll be delighted to show you how Peoplevox can immediately improve your warehouse.

Talk to a Peoplevox warehouse management system specialist today.

  • World-class project delivery

Peoplevox’s project delivery team are on-hand to help deliver your warehouse management system with minimum fuss. We’ll help you prepare, setup and configure every aspect of the system to get you up and running. We can deliver a working system in just a few days.

  • Technical support

Peoplevox’s support network are ready to assist you with any problems that you encounter. They are all based in the UK and available online and on the phone where necessary to ensure that your warehouse management system runs like clockwork.


Questions? Call us at +44 1923 606 660 anytime.