The system can support a single unit or multiple locations, anywhere in the world. You don’t need any special software to be installed on local computers ­– approved users simply access the system using a standard web browser.

This system is relied upon by companies ranging from small internet retailers with 2 users storing stock in a container, scaling up to large multinationals with thousands of workers around the world.

Warehouse management technology

What scope does our warehouse management technology cover?

Our solution is completely flexible. You can ask us to provide all of the warehouse management technology for a complete solution, or simply choose the elements you need, including:

    • Warehouse management software – adapted to meet your specific requirements and provided as Software as a Service or installed on your servers, fully integrated with appropriate legacy systems.
    • A robust wireless network – with dual redundancy, providing quality communications throughout your warehouse operation.
    • Barcode label software to capture information at every level, covering components, processes, ingredients or manufactured items as required.
    • Barcode scanners to capture and transmit information.
    • Barcode printers to enable you to create labels wherever required ­– our system enables you to print at the nearest one without installing print drivers.
    • Cabling, switches and routers to ensure that your barcode readers can transfer data quickly and efficiently.

PeopleVox can take care of all the implementation including racking and barcoding, as well as the software installation and integration you need.

To find out how PeopleVox warehouse management technology might work with your specific set-up, email us your details or call our technology team on: +44 (0) 844 800 6569.