Our web-based stock control software will integrate with your website CMS (content management system), giving your customers real-time visibility of stock and delivery.

We can integrate with other database systems that you might be using (Microsoft Access or Excel based systems for example) and we can also create a seamless integration with accountancy or management systems.

Warehouse management solution training


What does implementation of web-based stock control software involve?

    • Initial consultation will establish the scope of your requirements. PeopleVox will create a fully costed project plan so that all parties are clear on the scope of the system.
    • PeopleVox will install the software on your servers or activate it from our own and will take care of all the required integration.
    • If required, we will design and implement an industry standard barcoding system for all of your goods and all of your locations.
    • We can design and implement a new barcode software solution to help you capture all of the information you need.
    • We can provide all of the communications and hardware if required, or simply advise on the best solutions to adopt.
    • We will ensure that you have all of the reporting capability you need.
    • We can provide training for warehouse staff, management staff and website managers, using webinars, online training modules or face-to-face support.

The simplest applications using our standard web-based stock control software can be implemented in a matter of days. Even the most complex solutions, including the complete overhaul of warehouse layouts, new barcode systems and software, new wireless networks and routers, and integration with multiple legacy systems can be completed in eight weeks.

To find out why implementing a PeopleVox web-based stock control software solution could transform your overall profitability, email us your details or call our team to discuss the options: +44 (0) 1923 606660.