With PeopleVox web based inventory software, you get set up in days. All you need is an internet connection.

It works on devices like an iPad and a rugged handheld computer, and provides you secure access from anywhere in the world for live inventory levels and order statuses. Never before has it been so simple to implement a web based inventory software system to ensure the orders you receive are fulfilled with pin point accuracy

What can Peoplevox web based inventory software deliver?


  • Our web based inventory software does not require you to have a technical person to set it up. We give you access via a secure standard web page where you will see you company data. No extra software is needed.
  • You can pay monthly from £100 per month. We have customers of all sizes, from 5 warehouse operators to 200.
  • Upgrades and support are automatic and included in the monthly price, so no hidden surprises. 2
  • You do not have to be a technical genius to import all your information like products and then integrate your website with our web based inventory software. A friendly screen in the webscreen helps you do this yourself saving on the usual painful integration fees.
  • Standard barcode readers are used to log goods-in, locations, moves, picking and despatch.
  • PeopleVox web based inventory software enables actions such as scanning items at goods in to get them immediately available for sale. For orders, the system tells them on the handheld barcode terminal where to go and what to pick. They scan the items at when they pick ensuring the right products are picked and sent out to customers.
  • You will have exact stock availability on your website, live to the second linked to what is being allocated, picked and cancelled in the background.
  • Easy configuration and use has been a top priority from the start, so you can customise it for your business but still receive the upgrades. Training is only a couple of hours. That’s it.

eCommerce companies using our web based inventory software say that the cost benefits are now a no brainer as the upfront costs have been cut dramatically. And with the increasing fight to get to the top of Google, many need to improve their customer experience so they keep coming back.
To try out PeopleVox web based inventory software in your operation or speak to some of our existing clients, email us your details or call our helpful team on +44 (0) 1923 299620.